The Best Non-Toxic Deodorant for All Skin Types

Don't sacrifice health for hygiene! Here's our round-up of the best non-toxic deodorants

Non-Toxic Deodorant

Staying away from chemicals and using eco-friendly products that are good for you as well as the environment is essential. Today, we’re going to talk about non-toxic deodorants. One of the most mainstream beauty products, deodorant, contains synthetic fragrances, aluminum, and many other harmful chemicals. It takes just a quick google search to know why you should switch to a non-toxic deodorant. However, the options are endless, and that’s not always a good thing. Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of the best natural deodorants for all skin types.

  1. SALT & STONE Natural Deodorant
  2. Schmidt's Natural Deodorant
  3. Native Deodorant
  4. Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Natural Deodorant for Women
  5. Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus, Bergamot, and Botanical Deodorant
  6. Agent Nateur - holi (stick) Sensitive Natural Deodorant
  7. Earth Mama Organic Deodorant
  8. Each & Every Natural Deodorant
  9. Kopari Deodorant with Organic Coconut Oil
  10. Cleo+Coco Natural Deodorant
  11. Humble Brands Deodorant Stick

Chemicals to Avoid in Standard Deodorants

When selecting a deodorant, it's crucial to understand which potentially harmful chemicals might be found in conventional products. First on the list is Aluminum, which is used to block sweat glands, preventing perspiration. Prolonged exposure has been linked to neurotoxicity and an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. Parabens are another common additive, functioning as a preservative. However, they are known to mimic estrogen, contributing to hormonal imbalances. Triclosan is an antibacterial agent; it's a skin irritant and can negatively impact the immune system. Meanwhile, Phthalates are used to increase the longevity and intensity of fragrance, but they have been linked to a variety of health problems like endocrine disruption, developmental disorders, and cancer. Lastly, Synthetic fragrances can cause allergies and are often undisclosed, housing a range of undisclosed chemicals. By being mindful of these ingredients, one can make healthier choices towards their body and the environment.

How to Pick a Natural Deodorant

When selecting a natural deodorant, consider the following criteria. Firstly, read the ingredients. Look for natural components like shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda, organic beeswax, aloe leaf juice and organic essential oils. On the contrary, avoid products with the harmful chemicals mentioned earlier. Secondly, consider skin sensitivity. If you have very sensitive skin, select a deodorant without baking soda, a common irritant. Thirdly, think about effectiveness. Natural deodorants don't block sweat like traditional deodorants but they can effectively neutralize odor. Look for products with good reviews about their odor-fighting capabilities. Finally, think about scent. Many natural, organic deodorants use essential oil blends for fragrance. Choose a scent that suits your personal preference. Remember, what works for one person might not work for another, so be prepared to try a few different brands or formulations to find the perfect deodorant for you.

Top Natural Deodorants

SALT & STONE Natural Deodorant

SALT & STONE Natural Deodorant is one of the top-rated natural deodorants on the market. It is a deodorant stick that is free of aluminum and uses an all-natural formula enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Arrowroot Powder, and a blend of essential oils. The Hyaluronic Acid ensures your skin stays moisturized while the Arrowroot Powder effectively absorbs sweat, keeping you dry throughout the day. The all-natural essential oil blend provides a subtle, pleasing aroma. This product is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it omits baking soda. Moreover, it's free from parabens, triclosan, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. With great reviews for its odor-neutralizing capabilities, SALT & STONE Natural Deodorant is a leading choice for those seeking a non-toxic alternative to conventional deodorants.

Schmidt's Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant is another top contender. This product goes beyond being aluminum-free, it also excludes propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. Instead, it harnesses the power of natural ingredients like magnesium and arrowroot powder to neutralize odor and absorb wetness. Available in an array of natural scents derived from essential oils, there's a fragrance for every preference. Particularly noteworthy is their Charcoal + Magnesium variant, which combines the detoxifying and deodorizing properties of activated charcoal with the mineral benefits of magnesium. This product does contain baking soda, so those with sensitive skin may want to proceed with caution. However, for those looking for a highly effective, natural deodorant, Schmidt's is certainly worth a try.

Native Deodorant

Native Deodorant, a renowned name in the deodorant industry, offers a truly effective, non-toxic option. This deodorant is formulated without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. Native utilizes a blend of natural ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, and probiotics, which condition the skin while effectively combating odor. One unique aspect of Native is their innovative range of scents. With options like Coconut & Vanilla, Lavender & Rose, and Cucumber & Mint, there's an appealing fragrance to suit a variety of preferences. Native Deodorant not only promises the elimination of harmful chemicals but also provides long-lasting freshness, making it a popular pick among consumers seeking a healthier, non-toxic alternative to standard deodorants.

Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant for Women

Tom's of Maine is a respected brand in the realm of natural personal care products, and their deodorant is no exception. This product avoids harmful additives like aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrances. Instead, it relies on the power of natural ingredients like hops, which are used for their antimicrobial properties, and mineral zinc, which actively fights odor before it begins. This deodorant also stands out for its commitment to sustainability, with fully recyclable packaging. It's available in refreshing natural scents such as Lavender, Fresh Meadow, and Natural Powder. Although it does contain a small amount of baking soda, the majority of users find it non-irritating.

Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus, Bergamot, and Botanical Deodorant

Malin + Goetz's Eucalyptus, Bergamot, and Botanical Deodorant is a premium selection for those seeking a luxurious, non-toxic alternative. This innovative brand has masterfully combined eucalyptus extract and citric bergamot to create a deodorant that not only smells fresh but also has antibacterial properties. This formulation is free from aluminum, alcohol, baking soda, parabens, and artificial fragrances. Instead, it contains a host of natural ingredients such as witch hazel and aloe vera, which soothe and condition the skin, while corn starch and citrus botanicals effectively neutralize odor. Suitable for all skin types, this product has garnered acclaim for its long-lasting effectiveness and high-quality, natural ingredients. Malin + Goetz's Eucalyptus, Bergamot, and Botanical Deodorant offers a unique blend of luxury and health-conscious formulation, making it a must-try in the world of non-toxic deodorants.

Agent Nateur - Holi (stick) Sensitive Natural Deodorant

The Agent Nateur Holi (stick) Deodorant is a premium, non-toxic choice for those with sensitive skin. This artisanal product stands out for its use of organic ingredients and its commitment to sustainability. Instead of aluminum, the holi (stick) uses coconut oil and avocado butter, both of which have natural antimicrobial properties that help neutralize odor. The deodorant also contains non-GMO rice powder to absorb moisture, ensuring you stay dry throughout the day. Moreover, it's free from baking soda, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, further enhancing its suitability for sensitive skin. The holi (stick) has a light, natural scent derived from organic honey, lavender, and eucalyptus oils. Besides offering effective odor and wetness control, this product also moisturizes and soothes the skin, thanks to the addition of beeswax and sunflower seed oil. Agent Nateur's holi (stick) Sensitive Natural Deodorant is a top choice for those seeking a high-quality deodorant that respects sensitive skin while delivering on performance.

Earth Mama Deodorant

Earth Mama Organic Deodorant is a natural, non-toxic alternative that prides itself on its organic formulation. This product is free from aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances, and instead utilizes a blend of coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter for their antibacterial and skin-nourishing properties. This organic deodorant also features calendula and maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) to absorb moisture and effectively combat odor, making it a reliable option for daily use. This deodorant is also baking soda free, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. The product line includes unique, naturally derived scents such as GingerAid, Bright Citrus, and Calming Lavender. Earth Mama Organic Deodorant offers a gentle, organic solution for those seeking to maintain freshness without compromising their health or environmental responsibility.

Each & Every Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Each & Every Natural Deodorant is a formidable player in the world of natural, non-toxic deodorants. This product is carefully crafted without aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and baking soda. Instead, it harnesses the power of natural ingredients like caprylic/capric triglyceride, a derivative of coconut oil and glycerin that conditions the skin and helps reduce perspiration. The deodorant also contains Dead Sea minerals and essential oils, which work together to neutralize body odor and deliver a refreshing fragrance. Available in a variety of unique scents such as Cardamom & Ginger, Lavender & Lemon, and Cedar & Vanilla, Each & Every offers consumers a pleasant variety to choose from. With its effective formula and dedication to using high-quality, natural ingredients, Each & Every Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant remains a top choice for those seeking a healthier, yet effective deodorant alternative.

Kopari Aluminum Free Deodorant with Organic Coconut Oil

The Kopari Aluminum Free Deodorant with Organic Coconut Oil is a highly revered product in the world of natural deodorants. This remarkable deodorant goes above and beyond in avoiding harmful substances like aluminum and parabens, and instead puts coconut oil at the forefront of its formulation. Coconut oil is known for its natural antimicrobial properties, playing a key role in neutralizing underarm odor. In addition, this deodorant is enriched with sage oil, which aids in combating sweat, and a concoction of plant-based ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin. The scent is a refreshing blend of coconut milk, making it an attractive choice for those who prefer a tropical fragrance. For those seeking a natural deodorant that delivers both in terms of health and performance, the Kopari Deodorant with Organic Coconut Oil is a fantastic choice. It showcases that effective body care can be achieved without compromising on natural, healthy ingredients.

Cleo+Coco Natural Deodorant

Cleo+Coco Natural Deodorant is a noteworthy entrant in the realm of non-toxic, natural deodorants. It takes a stand against harmful chemicals by crafting a product free from aluminum, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Instead, it employs the use of activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and essential oils to absorb moisture and neutralize odor. The inclusion of organic shea butter and coconut oil in its formulation ensures that the skin remains nourished and hydrated. This deodorant is available in a range of tantalizing scents such as Basil Mint and Grapefruit Bergamot, offering a refreshing sensory experience. With its commitment to promoting health and its high-performance formula, Cleo+Coco Natural Deodorant is an excellent choice for those seeking a premium, natural deodorant solution.

Humble Brands All Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick

The Humble Brands All Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick is a top-tier option in the market of deodorants. Committed to simplicity and honesty, Humble Brands creates its deodorants with only a handful of natural ingredients, ensuring that the product is free from harmful substances like aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrances. The deodorant features organic cornstarch and fractionated coconut oil, which together serve to absorb moisture and eliminate body odor. It also includes beeswax, which contributes to a smooth application and skin hydration. Available in a variety of captivating scents such as Moroccan Rose, Palo Santo & Frankincense, and Simply Unscented, there's an option to suit everyone's preferences. The Humble Brands Deodorant Stick is a standout choice for those seeking a natural deodorant that prioritizes both health and effectiveness.

Best Natural Deodorants

Non-toxic deodorants can be the perfect way to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle and give your body the breathing space it deserves. Different people experience different results with natural deodorants, and it all depends on their skin type. The non-toxic deodorants mentioned above are the best choices for all skin types, from sensitive to normal. They’re natural, eco-friendly, and they keep you smelling fresh all day long. These deodorants show that natural ingredients can deliver excellent results without compromising on health or performance. So, go ahead and make the switch to these top-rated deodorants and experience the benefits for yourself!