Bring Nature Indoors with an Indoor Vertical Garden

Transform your indoor space into a lush oasis by creating an indoor vertical garden.

Indoor Vertical Garden

Have you ever wanted to bring a piece of nature indoors? Creating an indoor vertical garden is the perfect way to do so. Not only does it provide a beautiful aesthetic to your home, but indoor plants also help purify your indoor air, reduce stress, and boost your mood. Incorporating a vertical garden into your home is an extremely fun and rewarding hobby. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of having an indoor vertical garden, how to design and create one, and the best indoor vertical gardens to choose from.

Benefits of an Indoor Vertical Garden

Indoor vertical gardens offer numerous benefits that extend beyond aesthetics. Firstly, they act as natural air purifiers, removing harmful toxins and releasing oxygen, thereby enhancing the indoor air quality. Secondly, they can help reduce noise levels by absorbing and reflecting sound waves. This is particularly useful in urban apartments or offices with hard surfaces. Thirdly, indoor vertical gardens contribute to mental well-being. They provide a sense of tranquility and calm, reducing stress and improving concentration. Lastly, they are great space savers. Vertical gardens utilize vertical space, allowing you to have lush fresh greens even in a small apartment.

Designing and Creating Your Indoor Vertical Garden

Designing and creating an indoor vertical garden is a fun and creative process. First, you need to decide on the location where you want to install your vertical garden. This can be a bare wall in your living room, a sunny window sill, or even a balcony. Next, choose the type of system you want for your garden. There are various options available, including hydroponic systems, stackable planters, and modular panels. Each system has its own benefits and drawbacks, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Once you have chosen a system, it's time to select the plants for your vertical garden. Consider factors such as light requirements, maintenance level, and growth habits when choosing plants for your garden. Some great options for an indoor vertical garden include herbs, ferns, and trailing vines. You can also mix and match different types of plants to create a visually appealing and diverse garden.

Our Top Picks of Indoor Vertical Gardens:

Lettuce Grow:

Lettuce Grow is a remarkable plug-and-play hydroponic system that revolutionizes indoor gardening. It allows you to grow a variety of plants, from leafy greens to herbs, right in the comfort of your own home. This system features a self-watering, self-fertilizing design that takes the guesswork out of gardening. The sleek and compact design makes it perfect for any space, big or small. With Lettuce Grow, you can enjoy fresh, organic produce all year round.


  1. Easy to Use: The Lettuce Grow system is incredibly user-friendly. The setup is simple and the accompanying app guides you through the entire process, from planting to harvesting.
  2. Wide Variety of Plants: Lettuce Grow offers a wide array of plant options. They provide more than 200 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and leafy greens.
  3. Water and Energy Efficient: The system uses 95% less water than traditional gardening and its self-watering feature means less time spent on maintenance.


  1. Initial Cost: The initial cost for the Lettuce Grow system is higher than traditional indoor gardening systems. However, many users find that it pays for itself in the long term with the savings from growing your own produce.
  2. Dependent on Electricity: Since it's a hydroponic system, it requires electricity to function, which can be a downside during a power outage.

Click and Grow The Smart Garden 27:

The Smart Garden 27 by Click and Grow is an innovative indoor gardening solution that blends technology with nature. This self-watering, self-lighting garden allows you to effortlessly grow fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables at home. With 27 plant pods, it provides ample space to produce a variety of plants. Its automatic watering and lighting system ensures optimal growth conditions, while the sleek, modern design enhances any interior space. It's a perfect choice for individuals who love the idea of home gardening but are limited by time or lack of traditional gardening knowledge.


  1. Automated Watering: The Smart Garden 27 features an automatic watering system that ensures plants receive the right amount of water at all times.
  2. LED Lighting: Equipped with energy-efficient LED lights that provide the optimal light spectrum for plant growth.
  3. Wide Variety of Plants: Offers a variety of seed pods, from fruits and vegetables to herbs and flowers.


  1. Pricey Pods: The cost of pods can add up over time, especially if you plan to grow a large variety of plants.
  2. Limited to Pod Plants: The system is designed to work with proprietary seed pods, limiting the variety of plants you can grow.
  3. Requires Electricity: Similar to other indoor gardens, this model also requires a constant electricity supply to operate the lights and the watering system.

Amazing Creation Stackable Planter:

The Amazing Creation Stackable Planter is a versatile and space-saving solution for indoor gardening. This system features a set of stackable pots, making it perfect for growing a variety of herbs, succulents, or small flowering plants. Its unique tiered design allows for optimal watering, ensuring that water flows from the top to the bottom tiers, efficiently reaching all plants. It is ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance, easy-to-use indoor gardening solution.


  1. Versatile: This planter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used to grow a variety of plants from herbs to succulents.
  2. Drainage System: Each planter pot has a built-in drainage grid, preventing water from being held too long and ensuring your plants stay healthy.
  3. Affordable: Compared to other indoor gardening systems, the Amazing Creation Stackable Planter is relatively cost-effective.


  1. Requires Manual Watering: Unlike some other systems, this planter does not feature an automatic watering system. Users must water the plants manually.
  2. Not as Durable: Some users have reported that the plastic material of the planter is not very durable and can become brittle over time.
  3. No Lighting Included: If you're planning to use this indoors, you'll need to ensure your plants receive adequate light. This planter does not come with built-in lights.
  4. Limited Plant Size: Due to the size of each individual pot, larger plants may not be suitable for this planter.

Gardyn 3.0 Hydroponics Growing System & Vertical Garden Planter:

The Gardyn 3.0 Hydroponics Growing System & Vertical Garden Planter is a state-of-the-art indoor garden that brings the pioneering technology of hydroponics into your home. This vertical system allows you to grow up to 30 plants in a compact space, using less water and no pesticides. It's ideal for those who crave homegrown, organic produce but lack the outdoor space for a traditional garden. The Gardyn 3.0 is backed by the Gardyn app, which monitors plant growth and water levels, and offers gardening advice. Its sleek design and the ability to grow a wide variety of plants make it a stylish and functional addition to any home.


  1. High Efficiency Hydroponics: Utilizing hydroponics technology, the Gardyn 3.0 makes watering efficient and less time-consuming, as it does not require soil.
  2. YCube Technology: The system uses proprietary YCube technology, enabling easy planting of pre-seeded and pre-germinated plants.
  3. In-built Lights: Equipped with adjustable and efficient LED lights, ensuring your plants receive the necessary light for growth, even in low-light indoor environments.
  4. Smart Capabilities: The Gardyn 3.0 links with a smartphone app that provides reminders for care, offers plant health updates and gives growing tips.


  1. High Initial Cost: The Gardyn 3.0 system's initial cost is higher than other indoor garden systems due to its advanced features.
  2. Continuous Electricity Requirement: Like other hydroponic systems, it requires a constant electricity supply for the lights and watering system.
  3. Requires Internet Connection: The smart features require a constant internet connection to function properly.
  4. Limited to Proprietary YCubes: The system is designed to work with Gardyn’s proprietary YCubes, which might limit the variety of plants you can grow.
  5. Subscription Service: The continuous supply of YCubes can get expensive over time as they are part of a subscription service.

Just Vertical The Eve:

The Eve by Just Vertical is an innovative indoor garden that combines style with sustainability. Designed to make growing your own fresh produce in the comfort of your home as easy as possible, this hydroponic system allows for the cultivation of up to 32 plants at once. It features a self-watering system and LED grow lights, ensuring your plants receive optimal care. The Eve is a fantastic choice for urban dwellers and those with limited outdoor space who still wish to engage in the rewarding process of plant cultivation. It's not just a garden, but a sleek furniture piece that adds a touch of nature and elegance to your living space.


  1. Sustainable Design: The Eve is made from 95% recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice for indoor gardening.
  2. Versatile Planting: Can accommodate up to 32 plants, allowing for a lush indoor garden.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Its sleek, modern design blends seamlessly into any interior décor.
  4. Hydroponic System: Uses water-efficient hydroponic technology, reducing the need for soil and mess.
  5. Easy to Use: The Eve is straightforward to set up and maintain, making it perfect for beginners and avid gardeners alike.


  1. Price: The Eve is a bit pricey, which might be a deterrent for some customers.
  2. Space: While compact, the system still requires a fair amount of space, which might be a challenge for those in small apartments.
  3. Lighting: The system does not come with integrated lighting, so you'll need to ensure it's placed in an area with adequate natural light or invest in separate LED lighting.
  4. Availability of Seedlings: The variety of seedlings offered by Just Vertical may not be as extensive as some other brands.

Florafelt 12-Pocket Living Wall Planting Modular Vertical Garden System:

The Florafelt 12-Pocket Living Wall Planting Modular Vertical Garden System is a versatile, user-friendly option for indoor or outdoor vertical gardening. Featuring 12 individual pockets, this system allows you to cultivate a diverse range of plants, from succulents to leafy greens, in a compact, space-saving design. With its innovative felt material, it facilitates easy plant installation and excellent water retention, promoting the growth of healthy, vibrant plants. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a green-thumbed beginner, the Florafelt system provides a unique, visually pleasing way to bring your gardening vision to life.


  1. Easy Installation: The Florafelt system is designed for easy setup, allowing users to quickly create their living wall.
  2. Eco-Friendly Material: The pockets are made from recycled PET plastic, which is an environmentally friendly material.
  3. Modular Design: The system offers a modular layout that lets you customize the configuration of your plants according to your preference.
  4. Good Air Circulation: The design ensures good air circulation, which is vital for plant health.


  1. Lack of Integrated Lighting: Similar to other systems, the Florafelt does not come with inbuilt lighting, requiring external light sources for optimal plant growth.
  2. Manual Watering Required: This system does not have an automatic watering feature, which may be a drawback for some users.
  3. Size Restrictions: The size of each individual pocket might not accommodate larger plants.
  4. Material Durability: Some users have reported concerns about the long-term durability of the pockets.


Creating indoor vertical gardening systems is an exciting journey with the potential for immense rewards, especially those with limited outdoor space. Not only do they add to the beauty of your home but also have numerous benefits for your health. In order to design the perfect indoor garden, you should consider lighting and the amount of space you have available. Also consider what types of features you are interested in such as drip irrigation systems or hanging planters to name a few. Enjoy the beauty of nature indoors while improving your living conditions by incorporating an indoor vertical herb garden into your home.