Discover The Best Teas For Boosting Your Immune System!

With these teas by your side you'll be able to fight off sickness in no time.

Best Tea for Immune System
Best Tea for Immune System

Are you looking for ways to bolster your immune system? Herbal teas, many coming from the camellia sinensis plant, are not only a refreshing drink, they are a great way to support your body's ability to ward off illness and maintain a balanced immune function due to their medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties, and immune-supporting properties. With so many different types of teas on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. For example, there is white tea, ginger tea, lemongrass tea, echinacea tea, turmeric tea, green tea, black tea, hibiscus tea, and goji berry tea which are all wonderful for the immune system. In this blog post, we’ll examine all the benefits of several varieties of herbal teas and explain why certain herbal teas may be better suited than others when it comes to boosting your immunity levels. Read on for our helpful guide researching the best immune-boosting teas!

Benefits of Tea for The Immune System

  • Tea Can Help Boost Immune health: One of the primary benefits of tea for the immune system is that it can help boost immune function. Numerous research suggests tea consumption can help support cellular health by increasing the production of immune cells, including T-cells. Additionally, tea contains a type of antioxidant known as flavonoids, which can help to protect cells from damage and reduce inflammation that can improve other areas of the body such as improved blood pressure and healthy joints.
  • Tea May Help Reduce the Risk of Infection: Another benefit of tea for the immune system is that it may help reduce the risk of infection. One study found that those who consumed black tea had a lower risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections than those who did not consume tea.
  • Tea May Help Decrease Inflammation: In addition to boosting immunity, tea may also help to reduce inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Tea May Help Enhance Gut Health: Another benefit of tea for the immune system is that it may help enhance a healthy gut microbiome within the digestive system. This is important as gut health is closely linked to immunity. One study found that consuming green teas was associated with an increase in beneficial gut bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

We Found the Best Teas for The Immune System

An important part of overall health and wellness is ensuring that your immune system is functioning at its best. Most herbal teas have been proven to naturally improve the body's defense against illness and support balanced immune function, making them an ideal choice for those looking to support their immune system. We've curated a comprehensive list of some of the best herbal medicine teas available for boosting immunity, from green tea to ginger-infused blends. Not only do these teas provide nutrients and antioxidants with every cup, but they taste delicious too! So why not start sipping on immunity-enhancing teas today and see how they can help boost your well-being?

Best Overall

Teatox Life | Elderberry Flower Tea with Calendula, Yarrow, Rosehip, Thyme, Peppermint

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Why It Made Our List

With all the artificial flavors and preservatives in many products on the market today, Teatox Life's tea offers a safe and natural way to support your immune system and keep your body healthy while avoiding ingredients you don't want. Elderberry Flower Tea is an excellent way to give your immune system an extra boost any time of year. Each cup of this herbal delight is packed with health benefits to help you breathe better, preserve healthy lungs, and support general immunity for improved overall health.

Highlights of Product

The Teatox Life's Elderberry Flower Tea blend is made with Calendula, Yarrow, Rosehip, Thyme, and Peppermint. This caffeine-free tea is specifically formulated to help your immune system stay strong and is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and other natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen to boost your immune system and soothe respiratory issues.

Best Tea Bags

Hey Girl | Immunity Tea For Colds and Sore Throat with Elderberry, Echinacea

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Why It Made Our List

Hey Girl Immunity Tea For Colds and Sore Throat is the perfect blend of herbal wellness, immune-boosting ingredients, and natural flavors that are sure to help you feel better – fast! The recipe was designed to specifically target coughs, colds, stuffy noses, and other allergy or asthma symptoms. Give yourself the extra protection you need with Hey Girl Immunity Tea.

Highlights of Product

Leveraging traditional herbs such as Lemongrass, Echinacea Purpurea, Decaffeinated Green Tea, Dehydrated Honey, Goldenseal, Elderberry Lemon Peel, Stevia Leaf, Panax Ginseng Root, Ascorbic Acid and Citric Acid; each tea bag helps fight mild to severe symptoms and boost your immune system's natural response. The tea also contains Ginger Root for an additional digestive aid and natural flavors (Soy) for a pleasant taste.

Best On The Go

Cusa Tea & Coffee | Immune Boost Herbal Tea

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Why It Made Our List

Introducing Cusa Tea & Coffee's Immune Boost Herbal Tea – your perfect companion for staying refreshed and healthy all year round. Combining ingredients with natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, this tea is perfect for cold and flu season, helping to arm your body against unwelcome illnesses. Its delicious taste combines minty tones with a hint of sweetness to give you an uplifting flavor at every sip.

Highlights of Product

Only the very best ingredients go into our teas - real fruit, herbs, and spices. Not to mention it is keto and paleo-friendly and does not contain added sugars, artificial flavors, fillers, or preservatives! Whether hot or iced, you can enjoy its fantastic taste anywhere and anytime. Get ready to power up with Cusa Tea & Coffee's Immune Boost Tea!

Best Organic

Gardenika Organic Immunity Loose Leaf Tea

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Why It Made Our List

Gardenika Organic Immunity Loose Leaf Tea is the perfect blend of natural ingredients with potent health benefits and the ultimate companion to support general health. Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants that could help digestion and breathing while soothing cold and flu-like symptoms make this tea not just delicious but highly beneficial to your well-being too. Plus since their products are farmed without using any prohibited substances, you can feel comfortable knowing that your Gardenika Organic Immunity Tea is not only good for you but for the environment as well!

Highlights of Product

With all-natural, organic, and kosher ingredients like Amalaki, Echinacea Herb, Burdock Root, Spearmint, Ginger Root, Tulsi, and G, it’s both delicious and nutritious. Featuring a lemon-forward flavor with a refreshing minty finish and no added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Best Elderberry Tea

FGO Store | Organic Elderberry Tea Bags

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Why It Made Our List

Introducing the FGO Store Organic Elderberry Tea Bags! Filled with antioxidant benefits, this blend is sure to soothe and nourish your body. Elderberry is great for boosting immunity and supporting healthy digestion - making it ideal for those cold winter days or if you're feeling under the weather. You can also enjoy this milder taste hot or over ice—a refreshing glass on a summer day. Beyond its taste, these organic elderberry tea bags promise no mess around the kitchen—saving you time when you need it most!

Highlights of Product

FGO Store Organic Elderberry Tea Bags are constructed of Abaca Hemp Fiber Paper—free of dyes, adhesive, glue, and chlorine bleach. That’s more than 100 eco-conscious tea bags that offer the perfect infusion of flavor without any extra waste. The premium tea bags are filled with certified USDA organic and non-GMO elderberry from Croatia, making them an exceptional brew for a better lifestyle.

Teas for Immune System FAQs

When it comes to boosting your immune system, there is a plethora of teas out there that can help provide the essential vitamins and minerals you need to support healthy immune function. But with so many options and herbal teas available, it can be difficult to determine which tea might be best for you. To help make your decision easier and more informed, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about teas for your immune system.

How can I boost my immune system immediately?

A combination of a good diet containing vitamins & minerals plus regular exercise coupled with relaxation techniques should go a long way towards giving you an extra boost of immunity right away!

What are the signs of a weak immune system?

Signs of a weak immune system can vary from person to person, but in general, if your body is struggling to defend itself against infection or disease, it could be a sign that your immune system needs help. Common signs that you may have a weak immune system include frequent illnesses such as colds and flus; fatigue; digestive issues like bloating and gas; difficulty sleeping; feeling anxious or stressed out without an apparent reason; skin problems like rashes and hives; weight changes such as unexplained gain or loss of weight; frequent headaches or migraines.

How can I test my immune system?

The most common test used to assess the functioning of the immune system is a Complete Blood Count (CBC). A CBC looks at the number of white blood cells in the body—which play an important role in fighting off infections. Your doctor will also look at other elements such as red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit levels, platelets, lymphocyte count, etc., to get a comprehensive picture of how well your immune system is functioning.

What causes a weak immune system?

A weak immune system can be caused by a variety of factors. First, an individual’s lifestyle choices can contribute to a weak immune system. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and inadequate rest are all components that compromise the body’s natural ability to fight infections and disease. Additionally, smoking has been linked to weaker immunity as well as higher risk for developing chronic conditions and illnesses.

Why do I keep getting sick?

It can be difficult to determine why you keep getting sick, as there are many potential causes. To start with, you may not have a healthy immune system. A weakened immune system can make it easier for viruses and bacteria to enter the body and cause infections or illnesses. Additionally, a poor diet or an inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals can lead to a weakened immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to illness. Other possible factors that could make you susceptible to getting sick include chronic stress, inadequate sleep, or exposure to toxins or other environmental contaminants such as air pollution or chemicals in household products.

Best Teas for The Immune System

Drinking tea is a centuries-old tradition that does more than just quench thirst. Different teas can offer a variety of health benefits due to their antiviral and antibacterial properties, including boosting the immune system and supporting the body's natural antiviral capabilities. The next time you’re looking for a soothing beverage that may also help keep you healthy, reach for one of these five teas mentioned above known for their Immune-boosting properties. Experiment with different flavors and find the perfect cup of tea for you.