The Best Black Teas (And Why You'll Love It Too!)

In this guide, we are going to introduce you to some of the best black teas on the market and why you'll love it too.

Best Black Teas

Brewing the perfect cup of black tea is an art for tea drinkers that requires a delicate balance between selecting the right kind, ensuring it's of high quality, and making sure to prepare it correctly. Of all teas, black tea has a bold flavor and aroma that separates it from its peers such as white tea, oolong tea, or green tea; with notes of malt and cocoa, earthy richness, or sweet and citrusy undertones depending on the variety - each sip is sure to be savored. Follow this guide for everything you need to know about selecting and brewing high-quality black tea with robust flavor. Choosing from classic black tea options such as Ceylon, Darjeeling, and Assam varieties - you'll learn how to awaken your senses through the exceptional complexity of tea drinking! Other types of black teas include Yunnan black tea, Keemun black tea, and Kenyan black tea.

Black Tea Highlights

  • Made from the delicate leaf buds of the camellia sinensis plant
  • In addition to its pleasant taste, numerous health benefits come with drinking black tea. It contains powerful antioxidants that help fight off serious diseases like cancer and heart disease. The active compounds it contains help maintain healthy skin, boost immunity, and keep cholesterol levels in check by aiding the liver. In addition, black tea can help in lowering blood pressure.
  • Can be used to make milk tea, chai tea, bubble tea, or iced tea
  • Can be found in the form of tea bags or as a loose-leaf tea

A few Types of Black Teas:

Darjeeling Tea:

Darjeeling black tea is a type of black tea that is grown in the Darjeeling region of India. The tea is known for its light, floral flavor and is often considered to be the champagne of teas. Darjeeling tea is typically harvested in the spring and summer months from the camellia sinensis tea plant.

Ceylon Tea:

Ceylon black tea is a type of black tea that is grown in Sri Lanka. The tea is known for its deep, rich flavor and is often used as a base for flavored teas. Ceylon black teas are typically harvested in the spring and summer months from the tea plants.

Assam Tea:

Assam black tea is a type of black tea that is grown in the Assam region of India. The tea is known for its strong, malty flavor and is often used as a base for masala chai. Assam tea is typically harvested in the spring and summer months.

Nilgiri Tea:

Nilgiri tea is a type of black tea that is grown in the Nilgiris region of India. The tea is known for its light, delicate flavor and is often used as a base for Earl Grey tea. Nilgiri tea is typically harvested in the winter months

Our Team Found the Best Black Tea

Love black tea but don’t know which one to buy? We’ve got you covered. Our team has searched the internet and read thousands of reviews to select the best black tea currently on the market. Black tea is perfect for any time of day. It is delicious hot or cold, so you can enjoy it however you please.

Best Darjeeling Black Tea

Harney & Sons Black Tea Darjeeling

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Why It Made Our List

Harney & Sons Darjeeling Black Tea has been praised internationally for its unique flavor and exceptional quality. Whether you’re sipping in the bright morning or enjoying an afternoon pick-me-up, a cup of Harney & Sons Darjeeling Black Tea will bring you all the flavor and bliss one can expect from this celebrated “Queen of Teas”.

Highlights of Product

To achieve this amazing blend of first flush and autumnal teas, the leaves are picked from tea plantations high in the Himalayan mountains. This is truly an exquisite tea, with a medium-bodied taste containing bright, fruity aromas that include pineapple and grapefruit, while also having dark stone fruit notes. These sensations will tantalize your senses when you brew these leaves. Upon brewing, the cup yields a light golden color that will be sure to excite the palate and please the eye!

Best Ceylon Black Tea

Ahmad Tea Black Tea, Ceylon Loose Leaf

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Why It Made Our List

Ahmad Tea is a premium brand of tea that provides delicious and satisfying flavors. Their Ceylon teas are an incredible choice for tea lovers everywhere, notable for their beautiful golden amber hue and fresh aroma. At Ahmad Tea, quality is of the utmost importance - they blend only the finest leaves cultivated from trusted growers, ensuring consistency in every cup. The company has earned 22 Great Taste awards.

Highlights of Product

Brewing your Ceylon loose-leaf teas is easy - simply steep according to the recommended time on the pack, adding milk or lemon if desired. This delightful Ceylon black tea pairs exceptionally well with cakes and pastries, making it a wonderful accompaniment to desserts. In addition to its great taste, Ahmad Ceylon Tea has many benefits that make it a healthful choice: it contains powerful antioxidants that can help support heart health and boost your immune system. It’s naturally caffeinated, sugar-free and makes an ideal coffee or soft drink substitute.

Best Assam Black Tea

Tea India CTC Assam Loose Leaf Black Tea

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Why It Made Our List

Tea India CTC Assam Black Loose Tea offers an authentic cup of tea that is perfect for any occasion. This 2lbs supply of loose leaf tea is cultivated from 100% natural Assam tea leaves, resulting in a strong and full-bodied flavor with every sip. Their premium blend delivers the aroma of the tea hills of Assam and is crafted to provide you with a delightful tea experience every time. This tea is great as a base for masala chai.

Highlights of Product

Tea India's process begins by crushing, tearing, and curling the black tea leaves into small pellets. This CTC process results in a deep flavor, as well as several health benefits due to the large surface area exposed by the pellets. Enjoy a soothing cup of hot Assam loose tea that not only tastes good but can also help improve your digestive system, reduce the risk of heart disease, and boost your immune system. Start your day off right or relax after a long day with Tea India CTC Assam Black Tea. Enjoy its smooth flavor that provides an unforgettable love affair in every sip and let it transport you to the beautiful hills of India.

Best Nilgiri Black Tea

VAHDAM, Nilgiri Breakfast Tea

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Why It Made Our List

What makes VAHDAM special? They are a home-grown brand from India, established by a 26-year-old 4th generation Tea Entrepreneur. Their brand not only provides customers with fresh and flavorful tea delivered right to their doorstep, but it also helps empower millions of tea workers in India by being one of the country's largest employers. Every sip of VAHDAM’s Nilgiri Breakfast Tea will help make a difference while providing you with the best cup of morning drink possible!

Highlights of Product

VAHDAM Nilgiri Breakfast Black Tea is the perfect addition to any morning. This tea is sourced directly from India’s tea gardens and harvested at the peak of its season for maximum flavor, aroma, and potency. Every sip of this rich, unblended tea will transport you to the rolling hillsides of the Nilgiri mountain range in India. Also known as the Blue Mountain tea, it is rich in natural antioxidants that help combat inflammation and fatigue. VAHDAM Nilgiri Breakfast Black Tea will make sure your day starts fresh and energized.

Best Flavored Black Tea Blend

Harney & Sons Tower of London Black Tea with Vanilla, Black Currant, Caramel, and Honey

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Why It Made Our List

Enjoy a taste of history with Harney & Sons Tower of London Black Tea with Vanilla, Black Currant, Caramel, and Bergamot. This decadent tea blend is made up of black Chinese tea in combination with pieces of dried stone fruit that are finished off with oil of bergamot and honey flavor. Part of the company's esteemed Historic Royal Palaces Collection, this tea carries us back in time with each aromatic sip for a special cultural journey.

Highlights of Product

Each tin contains 30 tea bags, each one brewing up to 12 ounces for two cups of tea. Whether you like your blended teas strong or delicate, each sachet is packed with enough brew for 2 cups so you can get the perfect cup every time! The elegant tin also makes for a great dresser ornament or gift for anyone who loves exquisite flavors. So do like the royals and treat yourself to some Tower of London Black Tea – ideal for relaxing moments or any day when you want to feel like royalty. This tea is certified Kosher.

Best Overall Black Tea

Choice Organics - Organic Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea

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Why It Made Our List

Choice Organic's Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea is a robust and full-flavored tea that doesn't skimp on flavor. With only 4 mg of caffeine per tea bag, it's perfect for drinking anytime - morning, noon or night. Choice Organics takes pride in knowing they're doing their part to be environmentally conscious without sacrificing great taste – so sip on this heartily flavorful Organic Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea.

Highlights of Product

With its USDA Certified Organic ingredients, as well as Non-GMO Project Verified, Fair Trade Certified, Kosher Certified, Vegan and Gluten Free status, you can feel good about the English Breakfast Tea you are sipping. The tea bags are individually packaged in natural fiber and then packed into cartons made from 100% recycled paperboard.

Black Tea FAQs

Black tea has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a range of health benefits and delicious flavors. It’s no wonder that more people are curious about black tea, how black tea is prepared and the best way to enjoy it. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about this delightful beverage.

What is black tea?

Black tea is a type of tea made in various tea-producing countries and comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis tea plant that have undergone more oxidation than oolong, white, yellow or green tea. It has a strong flavor compared to other teas and can range in color from light orange to brownish-black depending on the blend or grade of tea used. It is often used as a base in earl grey teas and chai teas such as masala chai

What are the health benefits of drinking black teas?

Research has shown that consuming black tea can have many health benefits including improved cardiovascular health, healthy weight management, increased alertness, improved digestive health, and protection against certain types of cancers such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and bladder cancer. Additionally, drinking black tea can improve cognitive function by enhancing working memory capacity and reaction time speed in healthy adults

How does one brew loose-leaf black teas?

Brewing loose-leaf black teas involves gently infusing the leaves in hot water for a few minutes so that the natural oils in the leaves can be released into your cup creating an aromatic beverage full of flavor nuances ranging from subtle floral notes to rich earthy flavors depending on how long you allow it steep.

How much caffeine does black tea contain?

The amount of caffeine in black tea depends on the type and strength of steeping but generally contains anywhere between 14-70mg per 8 ounces (227g) cup size with an average cup containing 40mg of caffeine.

Are there any negative effects associated with consuming too much black tea?

As with other teas such as green tea, too much consumption can cause stomach upset due to its tannin content as well as decreasing iron absorption in our bodies so it’s important not to drink excessive amounts (more than 5 cups) each day unless advised by your doctor or healthcare professional. Also taking into consideration certain medications you may be taking before consuming large amounts would be beneficial.

Is there sugar in black teas?

No - naturally prepared black teas do not contain sugar as an ingredient however sometimes manufacturers may add artificial sweeteners like sucralose or saccharin which could then increase the overall sugar content per cup significantly - always check labels for specific ingredients before consuming anything commercially produced just to make sure you're aware what you're consuming at all times!

How should I store my black tea leaves?

As long as you keep them stored away from excessive heat or light sources like direct sunlight or humid climates/areas they should stay fresh for up to 6 months. It’s best practice however to not let the leaves sit out in open containers as moisture within those environments could cause mold growth which could affect both the aroma & taste of the tea.

How do you prepare black tea?

There are numerous methods for brewing black tea – each resulting in unique flavors – but it can generally be made by steeping 1 teaspoon (2-3 grams) of leaves per 8 ounces of hot water between 195–212°F (90–100°C). For best results, steep anywhere from 2–5 minutes before straining off the leaves if desired. If using tea bags it is recommended to steep for about 4-7 minutes. Black tea can be used to make milk tea, chai tea, bubble tea or iced tea.

Is there any difference between types of black tea?

Yes! While all undergo a similar tea production process and come from the camellia Sinensis plant that has been oxidized before drying, there’s still plenty of variety when it comes to different types such as Darjeeling/black fog teas or Assam/black malty flavor teas which yield slightly different flavors and aromas due their growing conditions and black tea production processes used during cultivation and processing. Additionally, popular black tea blends often contain, for example, a sliced orange peel, unsweetened chocolate, black pepper, herbs such as lavender or spices like cinnamon that can further broaden its flavor profile. In addition, earl grey black tea has been flavored with bergamot oil. Experimenting with several types of black tea blends will give you an idea of the range available!

Why is it called black tea?

Black tea, also known as red tea or dark tea, got its name from the brown or black color of the finished product. Black teas are made in two ways: oxidizing fully and fermenting partially. Oxidization is a process where leaves are exposed to oxygen which causes them to become darker in color and develop more flavor compounds. Fermentation is an aging process that helps bring out the complexity of flavors in black teas by creating more floral notes. In addition, fermentation gives black teas a slightly smoky taste and aroma which makes them distinct from other types of teas such as green or white teas. The origin of black tea dates back to 17th century China when it was first brewed there before spreading across Europe and into North America around 100 years later. Since then it has been one of the most popular beverages on Earth with over 85 million cups being consumed worldwide every day and used as the base in Irish breakfast tea, masala chai, and earl grey.

Best Black Tea

In conclusion, the best black tea for you will depend on your personal preferences, taste buds, and whether you prefer drinking loose-leaf tea or tea bags. After reading this post, we hope you are tea-educated and can choose the best black tea for yourself whether it be for breakfast, afternoon tea, or even dessert. Other types of black teas not mentioned in this post include Yunnan black tea, Keemun black tea, and Kenyan black tea. Be sure to let us know in the comments what your favorite type of black tea is or how you like to drink black tea.